in nummis Gratiani, signata moneta Romae; ubi B. Monetarii forte index; SMRP. in nummis Valentis, sacra moneta Romae percussa: SMRQ. ubi R. pro A. in Constantii et Valentiniani, signata moneta Aquileiae: SMSISC. in Valentis, signata moneta Sisuae: SMTLS. in Valentiani, signata moneta Thessalonicae: SMTR. in Maximi, signata moneta Treviris: SMTRS. in Constantii, sacra moneta Treveris signata, vel signata moneta Treveris: SMTS. in Constantini M. et Valentiniani, id. SMTSE. in Delmatii, sacra moneta Treveris signata, vel signata moneta Thessalonicae, notat, interprete Car. du Fresne ubi supra.

Hofmann J. Lexicon universale. 1698.

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